Some layouts

Wow. The old blog seems to be offline right now. It’s supposed to be exported but apparently something went wrong. I’m kind of hoping that the technical guys behind the scenes are able to retrieve all my data and posts. If not – I have to start from scratch! Booohoooo….

I’ve been busy these couple of weeks. I’m starting up my photography business, AND I’ve been accompanying Dennis to his new “job”. It’s a place where he will learn how to use Adobe InDesign & Photoshop, so that he can learn how to design business cards, letterheads, webpages and more. We are hoping that he can develop his career from that point, although it will be tough for him to get a “regular” job, being handicapped as severe as he is. Right now, we are in the process of getting everything in order for a safe environment for him, write protocols about medication (mind you, he has a bottle of morphine in his bag) and stuff like that. That’s why I’m there with him for now. We are hoping that, eventually, he’ll be able to go there for three days a week. Not wanting to be selfish here, but I’m really hoping that it will work out because that means some time for ME (muchos needed).

I have a couple of layouts to share today. I did more, but I can’t show yet because they are for a design team call I submitted to. I have my fingers crossed since I pressed the “send” button… need to hold onto that for at least another week! Yikes! How stressful is THAT? Anyway – here we go with what I can share right now:

That’s it for now… Thanks for visiting! (if anyone is still there…)



3 thoughts on “Some layouts

  1. gorgeous as ever girl. keeping everything crossed i have, but i have to pee sometimes :). and so cool that Dennis is learning that, maybe he can teach us! and you are not selfish! you seriously need to take care of you cause you’ve got a crazy schedule and you need to charge that battery as often as you can sweets. HUGS.

  2. Ik ben er nog hoor Liesbeth… leuk om weer eens wat werk van je te zien op je blog. Ik wens Dennis veel plezier en succes. Het lijkt me een hele goede ‘move’, voor jullie allebei!!!

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